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Lisa Neumeier Bobel Hearn

Lisa has a lifetime of experience in the floral industry. She comes by her talent naturally. Lisa, daughter of Bill and Jo Ann Neumeier (owner’s of Neumeier Nursery & Florist), grew up in a home that sat on several acres surrounded by greenhouses and the family business, exposing her to the natural beauty of botanicals. At an early age, she began assisting in the floral department. Her creative passion and experience with floral designing led her to launch L Designs, a freelance floral design business that provides tailor made floral installations for events, private homes, retail spaces, and special occasions.


New L Designs studio located on the property of The Barn by Two Brothers.


Launched Fort Smith’s newest event venue – The Barn by Two Brothers.



Completed four day intensive hands-on design sessions, mastering the latest colors, shapes, and forms of wedding bouquets taught by renowned floral designer Bert Ford, AIFD of Salem, NH. Event hosted by Teleflora.

Featured as a guest designer at the Arkansas State Floral Convention sponsored by Arkansas Floral Association.


1st Place Arkansas Cup Design Competition.

Launched L Designs in October.


Completed intensive hands-on design sessions, mastering the latest in creative design techniques and artistic design, taught by a widely recognized floral artist, Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD of British Columbia, Canada. Event hosted by Teleflora.


2nd Place Arkansas Scholarship Design Competition.


Arkansas Master Florist Graduate.